DIY Desk

I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Life has just been busy and I’ve been getting in as much time as I can with my hubby and kiddos before they go back to school. Summer, where have you gone??

We’ve gotten a lot done around our house this summer. We tackled some projects upstairs in June and a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to tackle to downstairs. One of the things that we did was create an office area. We have an open basement and since we have 3 kiddos who all have their own room, we don’t have an actual office. Since we had so much wasted space behind the “family room” portion of our downstairs, I decided this would be the perfect spot to create a little work space.

First, I needed a desk. I fell in love with a table that I found on Pinterest and after I found out how easy and inexpensive it was to make ourselves, I was hooked!

Off we went to Home Depot for some boards for the table (desk) top. We bought some pine boards that were 6′ long. I wanted it to be long so that I could spread out all of my homework, books, or whatever it may be that I’m working on.


For the stain, I used Minwax Classic Gray. I didn’t want it to be too warm, I was going for a more rustic (this word makes my husband cringe) look and I love how it turned out.

Here’s what the boards looked like before and after…


Once the boards were good and dry from the stain, we laid the boards next to each other, took 4 plank boards and screwed them in. I held the boards together tightly while my hubby screwed them together. Before we attached them to the legs, we put a coat of polyurethane on to seal it up.

The table legs, I got from IKEA. I ended up ordering them online since I wasn’t going to IKEA any time soon (insert sad face).

They required some assembly which takes all of 5 minutes. You’re supposed to just set the table top on top of the legs, but with 3 kids, one of whom is crawler, we weren’t willing to take the chance of it getting bumped off of the legs and causing injury (yikes!). My hubby used is drill and drilled 2 holes in each leg so that we could attached it securely to the table top. 


And here’s what it looks like in my new “office” area…


I’m not done decorating the wall yet, but I love how it’s all coming together. We had a ledge in the middle of our walls downstairs that we turned into board and batten. I love how much it brightens things up.

One more look…


So, there you go… A simple desk or you could make it wider/longer for a dining room table. The possibilities are endless. :)


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